Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bohemian pole dancing

A sad change for those of you that wander the Strip late at night; the mobile strippers are no longer driving up and down Las Vegas Boulevard.

Since attendance at adult clubs has been declining due to the lower number of tourists in town and the restricted amounts of money they have to spend, a few clubs got together and had a special vehicle built. It looks like a box truck, kind of like a small UHaul rental truck, but the back has glass sides. A pole is mounted inside the back and scantily clad young women dance back there as the truck drives up and down the Strip. They were only active between 10pm and 2am, so as not to offend younger people that might be out and about.

But our county commissioners have decided that the truck is too much of a distraction and are in the process of passing an ordinance banning the truck from driving around town. Letters to the editor in our local paper just suggest that the police department start enforcing seat belt ordinances, but our prudish commissioners feel they need to become involved. I am still amazed at the dichotomy of attitude here, where it is ok to drink and gamble and look at semi naked people but for some reason nudity or making things obvious instead of hidden is bad. OK to drink and lose all your money, but don’t touch the girls.

On other fronts, for those of you old enough to remember Queen

The most viewed video on YouTube is a Muppet version of the same song.

If the embedded link is taken down you can go see the official version.
(Yes, I know it's not Video Monday, but NZed discussed this and it seemed to cute to wait until next week)

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