Monday, November 17, 2008

Video Monday - funnies

It‘s the week before Thanksgiving, and I thought we would do silly songs today for Video Monday. But before we start, I just walked through G hall (our lower hall) and they are feeding a group of food servers again. There is some type of computer organization having a show upstairs this week, and evidently they signed up for served meals from the big Hotel Casino Resort next door, which means we supply the banquet servers and feed them. So there are about sixty penguins down there having breakfast, and one of the temp chefs was refilling the breakfast burrito tray. We have three full time chefs in the kitchen; they are the only full time staff in there. Their job is to order things, figure out the menu, cook sample meals for demonstrations to groups, and generally manage things. When shows come around we bring on temp help, the number depends on the size of the show. There are several of the temp chefs I am familiar with (don’t know names, the chefs do not wear name tags like everyone else, guess it’s unsanitary or something); there’s the Chinese guy we hit up for the carved turkey and roast beef on bigger shows, the hyper skinny gal that talks really fast and makes great waffles, and out there today are the girl missing one front tooth and the round guy. He kind of looks like a bowling ball bouncing down the hallway, and always wears berets instead of those tall chefs hats, it’s a white one today, but he also has lots of colors and some plaid ones that are really sporty. I don’t want to know the names they give us computer guys.

And thanks to Brighton for some reason I bounced over to look at some shoes she was talking about, at Naughty Monkey. I really like some of the names; Animal Thunder, Candy Craving, Bonk Her, Quickie . . . on your feet! While I don’t think they are particularly pretty, good choice B!

On to the videos! First, some good advice, especially for you Greens up in Portland but applicable to anyone, Canvas Bags:

And I suppose this is good training advice, could use it on E. But I don’t see standing around singing about it:

This one isn’t musical, but is about my favorite Monty Python sketch, Mr. Creosote from The Meaning of Life. (hey, I mainly watch it for the big ‘just one thin mint’ part.

OK, we’ll end up with a song. Popular a while back from Shaggy

Wasn't me . . .

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