Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election day (finally)

It’s been a fun week here in Las Vegas. Bette Midler appeared at a fund raising party for Obama at one of the big clubs one evening and was discussing her television viewing. She observed that the commercials varied between political advertisements and discussions on products such as Viagra and Cialis. She said the view varied - ‘election, erection, election, erection . . .’ and figured that part of that would change soon. Down at the Bootlegger, a south of the main Strip restaurant and club usually attended by locals and owned by one of our former lieutenant governors (no, not Dr. H) there was an unusual jam session; forty or so trombone players came by after a big concert and jammed the night away. That must have been an impressive display of brass. (see the things you missed on your last visit?)

Our Monday paper has gotten rather thin lately - looks like it might not be coming around much longer. As I move through the second section my eye sometimes stops on the obituaries. Yesterday was notice that Yma Sumac passed away. She was a Peruvian singer, a genre you don’t hear much of. She did some movies in the 50’s that look like typical colorful location reproductions. And her voice is a little interesting.

Today is election day (as if you couldn’t tell). B is off getting out the vote, and I imagine we will be spending the evening viewing news results. There have been requests floating around for pictures about our voting experiences. We voted almost two weeks ago, as apparently over half of Nevada’s registered voters did (except for Terri of course) but the lines are still expected to be long today. At least we don’t have to sit up until midnight waiting (unless things are too tight), hopefully good results will come out of Virginia around 5 our time, so we can start celebrating.

If you haven’t yet - GO VOTE!

And thanks to Iceland Weather Report, if it does happen we might just follow this advice.

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