Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not much going on

After the big electronics and adult shows last week there is not much going on. Two of the halls upstairs are in use for a sporting logo and tailgating show, which is not much overhead. It's like most of the shows, not open to the public, so we don't have very big crowds. Saturday is the big grand opening party for the new tower next door. They've been setting up tables around the new shopping area and waterfall, Diana Ross will be the main entertainment (for $121.50) and all kinds of things will be going on. What it means for us is more traffic in the employee parking garage. Tuesday it took me 45 minutes to get from the traffic light at the corner into the garage and up to an empty spot at floor 11. When I get there at 6:30 this normally takes about two minutes, but I was a little late and guess I caught the shift change, getting to the light at 6:50. What a difference a few minutes makes. The new tower has 3,000+ rooms, 50 new shops, a dozen new restaurants, and brings 4,000 new employees into the facility.

Michael Jackson is staying in town with his kids (in a suite at the Palms) - they've been seen round and about at different attractions. Since Ms. Ross is one of his favorites we are wondering if he will show up to see her performance.

IN the next few weeks we will have all the halls filled with a big floring and surface covering show - the first one I got to see last year when I started here. Followed by an even bigger fashion week, filling us as well as the whole conference tower next door, and quite a few hotel suites for the expensive clothes.

This was what the upstairs looked like a few weeks ago during pack up for one show.

(yes, this is inside) I liked all the different colors on the trucks. At times there are up to fifty big trucks in this hall loading or unloading, along with a hundred fork lifts driving the stuff around. Makes for more interesting things to look at between the shows.

OK - I know it's supposed to be E Friday, and you are asking where is that kid. Well, our Granddaughter is up in Portland, and grandma is up there for a few weeks visiting. Reports are that things are going well. Here are a few shots from the last visit down here.

Pizza for dinner one night. I think it was enjoyed.

And just sitting in the back yard thinking about what to do next.

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