Thursday, January 10, 2008

E Friday outside

Here we are again with close to the last of my November E pictures. I haven’t looked at the ones B took on her September Portland trip, so we may go backwards in time to grab some of those soon, and she is off for Portland again next week to keep me stocked up. Well, I don’t think she is going just to take pictures for me, but it is one of the side items that come from the trip.

Today let’s remember the warmer weather of early November, when it was still cool enough to enjoy the outside and wear little jackets, and as normal full of Vegas sunshine. We can start out in the local playground, finding pine cones in the sand.

Just before she came down it was a cooler day in Portland, where jackets (for rain and cool) are worn much more often. And the sun was shining in her hair.

But down here the outfits are just as colorful, we wear hats and sun visors, and know how to ‘smile for the camera’.

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