Thursday, December 07, 2006


Looks like I should change the name of this from InVegas to WithGrandkid. Guess it means I should get out more often and take my camera with me.

Coming up this weekend are two unrelated running events. The Las Vegas Marathon is on Sunday - start at Mandalay Bay, run up the Strip between all the big casinos (that part sounds like fun), turn left up the hill, goes south a block from our house - I had pics last year - then left again and back downhill to Mandalay. I am impressed with anyone that can run 26 miles without puking. Here's a link to my post on the 2005 marathon

On Saturday down on Freemont Street is the Santa Run
. Five K run or a one K walk, but you must wear a Santa outfit. So far there are over 2,000 people signed up and 5,000 expected. Now that would be an interesting thing to see, all the red and white bouncing past.

Recently E's mom has started to put a hairband on. I'm not sure I like it - that little halo of whispy curls seems rather attractive.
But they went to the park the other day, and stopped at the school playground to play(what else?) The trips each had a ball, and nobody would share. Somehow an extra tennis ball showed up, and somebody was happy.

And in our back yard, up on the picnic table playing with the leaves and tomatoes.

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