Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bellagio Christmas

Well, finally Christmas in Vegas again. The snow is all gone (well, it was gone about ten minutes after I took the picture), but we did have some flurries when I drove in to work on Friday. Over on the east side of the valley they had about four inches, which all melted by noon. It was 34f this morning, but due to be up to 60f tomorrow (16c).

We wandered over to the Bellagio last week to see what they did to the conservatory for the holiday. They change the display four or six times a year. We parked over in the Desert Passage lot across the street, it’s easier to get into than the Bellagio lot, which has it’s entrance right on the Strip, and guards that look in your trunk. Still don’t know what they are looking for. I talked about getting the cardboard tubes from the inside of TP rolls, painting them red and putting string fuses in to it would look like cartoon dynamite, but I’d probably get arrested.

We walked past Paris and crossed the pedestrian bridge on the corner, which leads you right into the shopping plaza. Some of the stores had Christmas displays up in the windows.

I think this one is Gucci.

And this was Tiffany’s – not many jewels in the shot, but you can see a small pile of gold in front.

They had the big pile of balls up – last year they were red, now gold this year, along with piles of silver packages tied up in red ribbons.

The conservatory was done up with a cranberry pool again, surrounded by poinsettias’, with a big tree in back.

The tree was surrounded by red poinsettias’, with those arched fountains spitting out nice streams of water. The tree itself was full of lights, with two miles of led strings lacing over it.

There was a polar bear family off to one side, momma here covered with 20,000 carnations. And the big gold ornaments, with icicles in the trees and big glass things overhead.

On the other side were six flying reindeer, covered in a few tons of whole pecans. This was the section this year where it was snowing – every few seconds a puff of plastic snow would fall from the sky. It was last Tuesday, so there were not very many people there, but still a good sized crowd.

So besides all the lights on houses, that’s where we go to see fancy Christmas decorations.

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