Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More Tuesday fun

Oh my, sitting here reading stories of people getting on in age, and bodies getting too soft for bikinis, and memories going away, and keyboards typing Hebrew, and thinking about getting old. Back as a kid time seemed to take forever. I think third grade lasted for five years (no, I did not get left back that many times). Now it just flies. I thought it was just a few days ago that I promised some pictures for HNT, and realized that for the past four weeks I missed it. Well, this week I’ll blame my computer.

With the new hard drive and Windows XP I now find that I have to reload everything. Even though I can still access my old hard drive, the programs there expect Win 2000, and refuse to run on XP. So, it’s down into the vault to try and find all of those CDs and reinstall. Not fun, considering I’ve been using that computer for four years and have been building up a pile of useful programs and tools. So I need my Photoshop, to get to that pile of pics we took in San Fran.

It’s finally warmed up here in Vegas, into the 90’s every day. But this means the end of my lunchtime walks. I do like walking in the warm, but not coming back to work and thinking of people putting up with sweaty stinky me all afternoon. So I’ll shift to evening walks when I get home – my neighborhood is so much nicer to walk in than this industrial place. But I just put on the Ipod and my mind drifts away anywhere, so it really doesn’t matter.

Construction is still proceeding around town. I drive down Frank Sinatra Boulevard each morning, and get to see the progress on the City Center parking garage and roadway trenches for pipes. Just waiting for them to move on to the buildings and fancy parts. Today I had the pleasure of being behind the longest dump truck yet, a long truck and trailer, both painted bright yellow, that seemed to go on forever. It was a side dumper, where the whole part that holds the dirt tips sideways to empty. It was about four times longer than that double decker bus we passed on the Strip. I guess that some of the basements are being dug at the construction site, which is then carried far away someplace, but in the direction I commute in so I end up driving behind all of these big trucks.

Lots of exciting times at work. Last Saturday night a group tried to install some new software and upgrade several servers. It did not go well. So I received a call Sunday night at 9 (thanks for the advanced notice) asking me to be at work before 5am Monday in case things didn’t work. Well, our collections group works on Sundays, so I had already been getting calls all day about problems. Then coming in at 4:30 after not much sleep to find all of the other things that didn’t work. It’s so nice to have a support group that does not publish what they do, so that when things don’t work we have no idea what to look at. Thanks for the opportunity to learn about so many things. It took three hours yesterday to get our collections group talking to one of our service companies. Ended up being because we upgraded our internet connection, which resulted in new IP addresses, which resulted in our service company refusing our messages because for security they checked the incoming IP address. With a new address we were no longer recognized. But nobody said we were upgrading in advance, so that the people that know could say ‘wait a minute – we need to register the new addresses’. So much more fun having the phone people say ‘we can’t collect money’, so our company president starts screaming as does everyone on down.

This morning is no better, still overcoming things half done on Saturday. And boss wondering why I haven’t done any of the new projects yet. Too busy fixing the old stuff, making up for somebody else that messed up. I’m ready for another vacation. A month in France sounds pretty good. But I might not come back. (big loss)

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