Friday, May 26, 2006

Jazz again

For the last two Saturdays we’ve gone down to the county center and listened to some free Jazz in the Park. This is something that the county puts on every spring at the Clark County Amphitheater. Music is put on every other Saturday for four or five performances in May and June.

The amphitheater is a large grass half circle facing a stage. It looks like there are around 1,000 or so people attending (but I’m not too good at estimating). The county center is a really nice building – some unusual shapes covered in a nice red sandstone. There is a pyramid back behind, a tall cylindrical tower to the left, and assorted other shapes scattered around.

The music starts at 8, which is just before sunset. We usually stop at a Von’s deli counter on the way and pick up a sandwich and salad, arrive around 7 and sit and picnic. Almost everybody has a cooler and food, with lots of wine in evidence. If you don’t bring food there are some vendors, and last week there was a Starbucks van giving out samples of their new banana smoothies. An area to the left of the stage is usually left empty, and before the performance is filled with kids throwing balls and Frisbees and doing cartwheels down the grassy slopes.

You can see the Stratosphere in the background - that's another thing to look at after dark, with all the flashing lights and moving rides up on top.

The music is usually pretty good. I’m looking forward to a big New Orleans Jazz Band in a few weeks. Temp last week was in the high 80’s when it started, with a nice light breeze. Makes for a very pleasant evening.

Oh, it was somebody’s first birthday last week. My camera finger wasn’t quick enough to get any shots of the princess in her crown.

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