Thursday, October 20, 2005

Three more

When more than three things come to mind, so you just do a second three thing post. Thanks to Clare, and today’s guest ideas from Melinda and DM.

1. Having a rough day at work, going to lunch and then taking time with a really good dessert and cups of coffee with somebody nice to talk to (Tira Misu sounds pretty good for this, but yesterday was a great lime tart) blowing off the early afternoon meeting you didn’t want to go to, then finding it was canceled so you weren’t missed.
2. Having friends that you can go to karaoke with that don’t care what you sound like. (but maybe you do sound pretty good, haven’t heard)
3. Having a boss that appreciates you and takes you aside for some personal time, be it computer sites or drinks. (mine doesn’t, but the concept is nice)

OK, I started visiting Clare’s site because she was making comments on Jane’s site and I sometimes click on those linking in the comments. I liked how she kept putting up Three Beautiful Things, and thought it might be nicer at times to put up something positive instead of all of my negative complaints. So I’ll still be complaining, but trying to intersperse three things sometimes. I promise to try and become regular, Clare. Not living in a beautiful green village I thought I might have a hard time coming up with three beautiful things, so I am just trying to put up three things that I am happy about, or like doing. My choices, if you don’t like them then put up your own, or use the comments to add some more. I try to horn in on Clare’s by adding a #4 that matches here three when I can think of one, she hasn’t complained yet.
I try to get to the sites listed to the right as often as I can, that’s why they are there, for me to keep my favorites where I can click on them, but if you want to go visit then feel free. Today’s posts are based on some of the listings there, not everybody – I’ll get to the rest of you later.

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