Thursday, October 06, 2005

Eli update

OK, OK, haven’t posted any of these in a while.

Granddaughter Eli with Dad. We were just swimming in the pool, she really seemed to like that. We’ve got some mechanical fish that swim around, and she would just concentrate on them when they went by. She just loves to look at ceiling fans (we’ve got a lot of those in Vegas) and whenever she is put down anywhere she immediately looks at the ceiling to try and find a fan.
And tell me,

will not this be the most spoiled kid around? Most of these are from dad. Looks like she will need a bigger crib soon.

Grandpa gave her her first Barbie for her first month’s birthday. Mom was mad – guess she doesn’t plan on Eli being the type of girl that plays with Barbies. But she will have them at our house, after all isn’t that what grandparents are for, to spoil the kids then send them home?

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