Friday, December 10, 2004


Well, it's been a while since I've been out with my camera during daylight hours. This afternoon I went for a short walk around the neighborhood where I work and took a few shots of the houses and streets. I've been asked (you know who you are) for more photos of houses and different neighborhoods around town.
This area is between Sahara and Charleston, near Maryland Parkway. It's about 2 miles east of the Strip, and the homes were probably built in the 60's. Most of the houses are well cared for, but there are a few with cars in pieces in the front yard, and stuff scattered around. I guess it's on it's way down rather than up. I don't know the home prices, but I guess that it's around $120,000 for a small three bedroom one bath.

Not much to say about these. This is looking east, you can see sunrise mountain in the distance. Mountains all around. The ones to the west are all covered in snow. Christmas skiing at Mt. Charleston.

You can tell from the size of the trees that they've been around a while. This one has had a second story added on back, and a nice little house or something, in addition to the circular driveway around the palms.

But these are probably typical for the older areas of Las Vegas. Concrete block, originally one story unless added to. No garage or carport originally.
And a few blocks away, on the corner of Sahara and Maryland, is a small strip mall. I think it's interesting because of it's name - not something fancy or with the corporate name, but

just A Mall. Looks like any other corner in the country, gas stations and power lines.
Driving home I head west on Desert Inn, the only east - west cross street that has a tunnel under the strip rather than having to wait at those long traffic lights. One major street just east of the strip is Paradise Road. The intersection of Paradise and Desert Inn is where the Vegas Convention Center sits, and the biggest monorail station. DI goes under part of the convention center and under the monorail station - it's all elevated to avoid traffic. I usually sit at this intersection for several light changes before I get through. Today I ended up near the front during one cycle, and shot these through the windshield.

Overhead is the monorail, in front is a new condo tower being built. The city symbol should probably be the tall cranes, which can be seen all over putting up new buildings.
To the left of DI is the old Desert Inn resort and golf course. Steve Wynn bought it and is constructing his Wynn resort. The big cranes are down now, and it should be open soon.

It's a nice golden shape in the sky.
And someone asked for another picture of me. I know I've had a shot of me in my pool last summer, but here is one at work.

Like that messy desk? After all, it's Friday afternoon, and for some reason we don't have to work tomorrow. We were in last Saturday, and are supposed to be in next Saturday, but tomorrow is fun time (well, work around the house time).
Can't see my tie, but we all wear them - corporate image or something.

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