Monday, December 06, 2004

Personal responsibilities

I've been looking around and wondering why so many people complain that what happens to the isn't their fault. I think I've written about this before, but it's come up again and again. I feel that people should accept the fact that they can control themselves, and really nothing else.
This evening I was driving home from work and was repeatedly passed by cars going faster than me. I was in the center lane of a street with three lanes in each direction. I stay out of the fast lane, because in LV that means REALLY FAST LANE. I stay out of the right hand lane to avoid those idiots that turn right without signaling, and the equally #$%* people that pull out of driveways and side streets ignoring cars coming at them. This leaves a lane on each side for people to fly past.
I was doing a little over the speed limit, which is 45 on most LV larger surface streets, and I would guess that I was being passed on the right by cars doing at least 25 faster than me, and on the left by people doing even more. (yes, really zipping by). As we crossed the freeway and came down to a light all three lanes were slowing because of a backup. It usually takes three turns of the traffic signal for me to get across this intersection from the point I was stopped at. So we have three lanes stopped, and there were still cars doing about 50 flying by on the right shoulder - not very wide, and with a concrete barrier next to them. Past a side street that merges in.
And cars on the left, not wanting to wait for the light cycles, were going up the curb onto the center divider and driving down that to get to the left turn lanes. Not just big cars, but smaller ones, up the big curb and down the strip.
I sit there, and wonder where these people get their brains. WalMart? It takes a while, but I try to stay calm, and say to myself, 'self, drive the way you want to. As long as you are comfortable with the speed you are going, ignore what those Bozos are doing'. (Yea, I talk like that to myself, don't you?)
I'm a programmer, and where I work I support a floor full of telephone people that are just abused all day. People phone up to cancel their membership with us, or complain that we took their money and now they can't make their rent payment, and who are we to do this to them? My response, since I don't have to talk on the phones, is to say 'Stupid - you are the one that called three weeks ago and asked us to take the money!' These people are fully informed about what will happen and when, but then they abuse the poor operators as if it was their fault. Come on! Take responsibility for what you did. I just hope the operators realize they have no control over what the customers say, but I see the dejected faces and short employment spans, and realize that what others say can hurt.
I like my job - I enjoy the work I am doing, my new boss has some great ideas for improving the networks and software process, and I am good at what I do. I just wish the company attitude for motivation wasn't negative - the 'do it right, do it now, or I'll fire the whole lot of you and hire a new staff'. Again, I tell myself, 'self, (yea, just like that) as long as you are doing your job, and are satisfied that you do it well and quickly, you have no control over their attitude'. Easy to say (see, I just said it) but hard to keep the stomach from turning over with all the yelling and #$%*& going around.
Those customers in a recent post, drunk on their butts, blaming the cops for stopping them. People that look at those with more than them, asking for handouts because they didn't have the 'advantages' and thus deserve to be given things. Sorry, when I'm driving home I can think of all kinds of things, but sitting here at the keyboard they all drift away. I'm just trying to say that we should just control the things we can, and realize that what others may do is not something that we can affect.
Well, I feel guilty about not posting photos of LV. I get to work around sunup, driving due east with the sun in my face so I can't take photos of things I'm looking at. At night I leave at sundown, driving west with the sun again in my face, or else it's too dark for shots. On weekends I've been working around the house, so no shots there either. Maybe someday I'll get back to the camera. But I like to read people's thoughts, and it lightens my evening when I see that someone's posted something new. So I figured I'd better put something up here too.
And Phoebs - what's your web site address? You can email me with it if you want me there, else ignore my request.
We went to a friend's wedding in SD back in the summer, John is into piercing and tattoos, and owns a parlor in Ocean Beach. I suggested we do a web site for him, and recently came across some interesting tattoo styles.

This one is kind of interesting - a little different than the barb wire or tribal band usually seen around an arm.
And one site shows a new style of 'oriental' tattoos. I thought the colors and styles were really neat.

These are nice pastels, I wonder how they would hold up over the years - and notice the fairy on her hip. (Jo??)
And a more overall style?

I wonder how many hours it takes.
Flip to the other side -

For full sleeves, knees (that must hurt on the bones), Looks like the right leg is still being worked on, and down the center not a tattoo but some method of putting something under the skin to produce raised areas, kind of like buttons. You can see it better in other photos, but it seems there was too much traffic on the site and it's closed now.
That's it for now - some pics, but not of Vegas. Sorry for all the nasty words.

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