Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Warm weather sunsets

I try to go for a walk every evening, to keep my legs moving. I sit in front of a computer all day, and find that my ankles are really swelling up after not moving very much. It is getting rather warm, so I find walking just at sunset is about best. It doesn't cool off very fast, so going latter doesn't help, and I'm not one for getting up early in order to walk at the coolest time of the day.
Here are some shots around my neighborhood, mostly in the evening.

This is in my backyard.  Just a block away is a grammer school with a large playing field.

You usually see a lot more soccer around the west than baseball, but I guess there is a game for everyone.
And another block away is that park with the playground equipment

This is looking west at the Red Rock area.
North of us is Sahara, which is a large road flanked by lots of businesses. A new auto dealer just went in, and they did a nice job for the small street just behind them - putting in a high wall to keep the houses across the street somewhat isolated and planting a very nice low water area. This is looking east towards the strip and that stratosphere we see often. You can see it to the left of the ball players above also.

And a final resting shot, here I am enjoying the 106f temperatures last Saturday. This is one of the best ways to see the heat.

A better view is when in the water, but my camera will not put up with that. We have a cover over the pool but no heater, and with the cover keeping the heat in our water temperature is now up to 96f. It feels like a hot bath getting in, but after floating around, getting out when it's over 100 you still feel chilled - always amazes me, but feels good.
And finally another link, this one to someone's office after vacation. My manager is going away on Thursday, I'll see if I can pull the rest of the guys together and do his.
Sorry about this one, but I am just fed up with a random article here and there about all of the troops being killed and wounded in Iraq, and the major news shows ignoring all of the deaths. Sorry, but I don't feel safer, and I don't see why we are there. Over 890 killed and ten times that severly wounded. Here's someone's impression of GWB at his last vatican visit.

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