Thursday, July 15, 2004

More summertime

Still getting warmer, waiting for the real hot weather. Thought I'd share some neighbor's yards with you. This one is real low water

Probably what the water district had in mind when it came up with the 'convert from turf to low water' plan. It's pretty varied, and the trees are looking good. Some variety with the cactus, and looks like a dry creekbed, and even found a wagon wheel.
Here's the playground at my local park - about two blocks from our house. It's all grass, but I guess if they convert everyone from grass to xeriscape then we have to go to the parks for our dose of green.  It's a nice park, always people at the grills, and dogs chasing frisbees, and kids on the swings.

I went to visit a friend in the north west part of the valley, one of those gated communities I dislike (more pictures to come). Here is the street leading to his house

really inviting.
This is one of those communities I drive past to get there

Part of your homeowner's fees every month. Pays for the guards to intimidate your visitors, and make you feel a little safer.
And here is a yard style that I find amusing. We call it the 'rocks falling from the sky' style. I don't know why so many people like to put big rocks in their yard. And the rocks are expensive - plus the labor and crane to set them in place. These probably weigh a ton apiece and cost around $400 installed.

And finally a link to a funny preview of a potential olympic sport. It's posted by Trojan condoms UK, so don't click if you are offended by the idea of what they might post. If you are into the olypmics, go see some unusual weightlifting.

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