Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Warming up

The weather is starting to warm up – it’s 94 here right now, should be a little higher the next few days, then cooling slightly. But it seems that we’ve reached the ‘every day above 80’ point for this spring.’
Here’s a group of my neighbors that probably are not looking forward to the summer:

A house a few blocks away has five identical white dogs, nice and fuzzy, that probably would do better in Alaska than in Las Vegas. I couldn't catch all five of them together in the same shot. At least they have a yard full of olive trees for shade. I know how hot my two look, and they have nowhere near the fuzz that these guys do.
I was driving to the industrial area just south of the airport a few days ago, and came across this sight

Not often that I come across a train in the road.
The Union Pacific railroad moves most of it’s LA bound traffic from Salt Lake City through Vegas, but that’s on tracks parallel to I-15 and usually above the traffic. This train is from the industrial area, probably out in Henderson where there is a lot of rail based businesses. This is the first time I’ve been stopped for a train since moving here. Not many places where there is even track across the road.
Our son was feeling like crayfish yesterday, so we went to the buffet at the Orleans Casino last night.

This is west of the strip, another ‘locals’ oriented place. We usually go there for movies – they have a twelve screen theatre. On Monday they have their ‘ocean feast’ for $15, with all you can eat (usual buffet stuff) and crab legs, oysters, clams, mussels, and other seafood items.

He was in the mood for crayfish, and finished off three big plates full, in addition to lots of other stuff.
Today we took my mother out for her birthday, and went to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch. It’s a chain found all across the country.

They have a kind of beach shack atmosphere, and at different times of the year have an all you can eat crab month. Not this month, but still their big crab plate is about more than most people can eat.

Our son was still looking for more.

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