Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Simple thoughts

Just for Schmo:
I recently received the May issue of Scuba Diving magazine. I took classes in diving a few years ago, and subscribed to this. Not much diving here in Nevada, but the pictures are real pretty.
One short article discusses a recent study on sounds produced by herrings. Dubbed 'Fast Repetitive Tick sounds, or FRTs’ (no, it’s not the April 1 issue, but sounds like it should be), these are sounds produced when they 'pass gas'. The sounds supposedly increase at night, and could be either communications in the dark, or they could just be dealing with their buoyancy. Even the National Geographic Magazine had an article on the Fast Repetitive Tick (FRT).
So ‘next time you hear a distinctive raspberry underwater, it could be a herring or just your dive buddy “dealing with his buoyancy”.’ I figured that’s one that Schmo could use, including this low joke. (don’t click if you have any taste).

So, the new challenge is to use this phrase in everyday speech, such as saying to your daughter when she makes funny noises "excuse me, were you communicating with herrings or were you adjusting your buoyancy?"

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