Friday, April 16, 2004

Tax day come and gone

Yesterday was tax day, another big event in the US. We finished up our taxes on Tuesday and so did file early this year.
No major things happening here – I haven’t sat down at the computer all week, worked on things around the house. Figured I’d put up some pictures and some links that I was passed.
First one of my two favorite places around town.

Yes, the place I seem to visit most is Home Depot, but Lowe’s comes in second. They have almost the same stuff, but just different enough that we need to stop there. We pick up most of our lumber at HD, but when we need to special order a door or something we usually do that at Lowe’s. They at least have employees that you can find, and are willing to help. It usually is difficult to find help at Home Depot. Lowe’s has little buttons scattered around the store, and if you press one then an announcement is automatically started, and keeps going until someone shows up to reset the button. You can then ask your question and get some help.
Here’s a question – can you guess where this is?

Right, it’s inside one of the places I also visit a lot – one of the local Starbuck’s. They all look about the same inside, in fact most of the ones that I’ve seen across the country all look about the same. Kind of like MacDonald’s – all built and decorated to the same standards. Well, I hit this one to buy some ground coffee, not some brewed stuff. We’ve gotten hooked having Starbuck’s Breakfast Blend every morning, used to use Folger’s or something similar, and about a quarter the cost of Starbucks. But the taste comparison makes buying the better stuff worthwhile. My attitude has changed – I used to thing that things were better kept as treats, now I feel that if I can afford it, why not have the good stuff all of the time.
Here’s a common site around town this week –

The olive trees are starting to bloom. Anyone with allergies is guaranteed to be affected, as the amount of pollen that olives produce is tremendous.
So, on to the links.
One of the blogs I read every day is I visited England a few years ago, and seem to like things over there – they are similar, but different enough to be interesting. The author is looking for a new flat (apartment to us Americans) and came across the listing for this London estate agent. The listings included several interesting places, including “A funky two bedroom flat which has a lot of really cool design features. This flat will suit those hip young things out there who wish too impress their friends and / or potential suitors. You probably need to have an interesting dress sense & a trendy haircut to live here. The second bedroom has a raised bed area, which is quite fun. If I were 10 years younger & a bit trendy I would live here.” Seems like an interesting agent. I liked the same listings that red.boat did. Another was “A newly refurbished 2 bedroom 2 bathroom maisonette, which would suit anybody who wishes to impressive their friends or potential dates. imagine yourself being witty & charming serving martinis to a selection of your beautiful friends this flat will give you the right backdrop for that.”
And a third place was so nice that “Use of wood floor, windows, ceilings & walls all included in the rent. Good value.” Nice of the owners to let you use the floor.
My recent political rant is still hanging around – The Nightly NewsHour last night listed another TWENTY EIGHT names of servicemen recently killed. Tonight there were ONLY SEVEN. I don’t know what is sadder, the soldiers that are 46 and 48, thinking of their families and children back here, or the soldiers 19 and 21 that haven’t started a family of their own yet, haven’t even done much after high school except the military. The total so far this month is only EIGHTY NINE, but we are only halfway through the month, more chances to come. Passed on by Brenda at SideEffects is a site that also notes these things: Veterans for Common Sense.
But, to leave you on a happy note, here’s a nice review of a film that is just being released on DVD, evidently just in the theatres in England, Cat in the Hat courtesy of

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