Monday, August 20, 2007

Video Monday - Elvis

Briefly turning away from the Twat's favorite object: last week was the 30th ‘anniversary’ of Elvis’ death. I think they should celebrate births not deaths, but Elvis is big business here in Vegas. I think I like the youngest version.

We overtook Memphis quite a while ago in the Elvis category, even if Elvis-O-Rama closed. I don’t know how many ‘tribute’ artists we have, but you could probably hit two or three shows a day during your week’s vacation in Vegas. The most amusing to me is ‘Fat Elvis’.

Last week the Osmond Family held their 50th anniversary reunion here in Vegas. When tickets went on sale the show sold out in less than five minutes.

Here’s the Osmond five singing and dancing, no embedded link but you can click on it to see 'little' Donny.

Here they were dancing with Cher, in her really skinny days (not that she is much heavier now).

And here is what they look like today.

All sitting down – guess there isn’t as much energy fifty years later.

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