Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A short history of film

Gahhh – I feel so inferior at times. That’s because of you guys – putting up such interesting and varied posts. Today I am having problems with Rob’s posts again. He seems to write about such intelligent things, that I am forced to think. These alternate with discussions on the plays and musical events he attends and at times participates in.

Then there is Bossy, who posts picture stories with circles and arrows on the back of each one (oh, sorry, it’s not Alice but Bossy, well, circles and arrows on the front then). Her recent posts about college visits just make me feel like I’m driving along with her, with commentary provided. Makes me want to do more with Photoshop than make the pictures brighter and smaller, and come up with some witty commentary.

As for the rest of you, don't get mad - I think there are bunches of funny, itelligent blogs out there, many of which I try to read as often as you can. I just picked on these guys today. Your turn will come.

OK, so I’ll try to post something intelligent once in a while (well, maybe not too often) and try to avoid comments on Kylie’s undergarments (though I will think of them). This past week I’ve been spending some time on Youtube looking at quite an assortment of videos. (no, not all Kylie either). I am impressed with the historical stuff that some people post, in addition to old Osmond and Cher videos. My background before computers was photography, so I am always interested in history. Wait a minute – did I really post a video of the Osmonds? Hold on, let me check. . . . . Oh, I really must apologize for that. I can take a skinny Cher dancing, but the Osmonds? Sorry again, I have nothing to blame for doing that, maybe an early onset of Alzheimer’s or the heat or something. Please, promise me that if I ever do something like that again you’ll hit me upside the head. Ouch – wait – ouch - Kylie in exercise togs with big hair is OK, now stop that Zoe.

Back to history (well, can’t forward to history now, can we? Unless you’re Marty McFly, then it’s ‘Forward to the Past’) (can you tell I really liked Firesign Theatre and Monty Python and random quotes – my brain does that at times, yes, it really does) of motion pictures, bouncing around old music videos (which will get posted eventually) I came across this one: Emile Cohl - Fantasmagoria (1908) considered the first fully animated film ever made.

For a full description of Emile’s life you can visit Wikipedia, but just watching that video makes me wonder what kind of drugs he was on. I just loved the hands near the end gluing the head back on – how do people think up things like this?

On a related link was some film by the Lumiere brothers, who took and showed the first moving pictures ever:

Interesting how they thought moving pictures would never catch on, and so even though they came up with film with sprocket holes and invented the camera used they declined to sell any of them. The group getting off the boat were fellow photographers, I like how they were tipping their hats to the camera crew. Kind of makes me want to go out and get a boater, maybe hats will come back. They even started the concept of comedy on film, with the short of the gardener. Charlie Chaplin couldn’t do it better.

So much for your education today.

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