Monday, August 27, 2007

Video Monday - dancing

OK, enough of the Kylie abuse. (run out of her videos anyway). To compensate let’s have something completely different today.

I’m not a horse person, but for some reason the announcers seem to think this dancing horse is something tremendous.

B says it’s hard to teach horses things like this, I just know she had a friend with a horse that they couldn’t get to go into a trailer, had to ride it miles down to a trainer that kept the horse for two weeks (no idea what he did) to get the horse to trailer so that they could take it off for rides.

But I understand little treats work for dogs, at least for my dogs. But I still can’t teach my guys to do anything except pester me for treats. I’m more impressed with the dancing dog that Savadoty points to.

So, two animals that can dance better than I do.

D – you’ve got both dogs and horses, have you trained yours?

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