Monday, August 06, 2007

Stupid video Mondays

Quiet Monday – the big furniture show broke down on Friday and the halls were empty by Saturday night, so we have some big empty spaces today. Next week is the big gift show, which takes all of the halls and most of the meeting rooms, with over 35,000 attendees expected. I don’t know what I like better, the quiet times between shows or the busy times when I get to walk around the halls and see everything.

How about some videos today? The first one is for all you Canadians, to show how well Celine can cover an AC/DC song. (anything with Celine is usually good for a laugh, though my daughter likes her) Also has Anastasia, so it can’t be all bad.

Somehow, a skinny girl doing air guitar just doesn't seem right. At least Anastacia's voice fits a rock song, and she is keeping up with her ab workouts. Speaking of skinny girls:

Something for the boys out there. Whenever she goes on vacation Zoe’s boyfriend the Twat manages to post a Kylie video. I thought in his honor I might as well put a link here too.

That one is rather cute - I like the video work of her walking around in a circle past herself again and again, with different stuff happening each time. I can just picture the army of behind-the-scenes workers repositioning everyone as the camera spins around, and wonder how many takes it took to get it all right, and how much computer time went into it - you know, like, 'move that ladder two feet to the right, you jump on that stone now, put the poster over here'. But it was rather tame. Kylie also has her own line of clothing, and I’m sure the Twat hopefully is not picturing a world filled with five Kylies, or dozens of them, and is most impressed with her demonstration of the flexibility of some of the articles.

OK, as long as I’m putting up Youtube videos I might as well go back to one of the most famous ones. This one was used on quite a few tv news shows as an example of how anyone can be famous for five minutes. Let’s keep Gary up for a little longer.

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