Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday videos - Kylie

Video Mondays – that sounds like a good theme. I can do E Fridays and then videos after the weekend. That us, until I run out of E pics and videos I don’t want to share. Too much junk on Youtube, but I do tend to watch a few things over and over.

Let’s keep last week’s theme going with more videos for the Twat. I don’t think I was very familiar with Kylie before he started raving about her. That’s Kylie Minogue, from Australia; she first made it big in the US back in 1988 with a remake of Locomotion

Oh, the hair – and back when those exercise clothes were in. And can we all say ‘skinny’. But I remember her from a video made probably ten years after that one:

Doesn’t look like she gained much weight in ten years. The song is nice, but as with most guys that isn’t really why we turned around when MTV played this video. Compared to last weeks’, it looks like certain garments from her lingerie line really work. Can we say ‘perky’?. I’ve also read things about the magic of double sided tape in costume design. All I can say is that it seems to work too well, but how do you get it off? (can I apply for that job?)

But of all her music videos I think I like this one the best – not because of the song, but because of her costar:

For something completely different – this song sounds like something Lee Hazelwood would write. I wouldn’t listen to this song very often but it's more like a short movie than an MTV music video. (does MTV show music videos any more?)

OK, enough of the music, for my last Kylie post, here’s an interview with Little Ant and Dec. I haven’t seen them before, but I guess they are a popular interview duo in the UK. They do a good job with the questions.

For you ladies, there is even a Little Ant and Dec interview with George Clooney. Not going to post that one, go to George Clooney interview.

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