Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fashion update

The big fashion show upstairs closed yesterday. I was able to hit up the coordinator and got a free pass for B to come on out and see the kinds of things I talk about when I come home from work, and unfortunately she left in the mood to go out and get some new clothes. There were booths scattered about with some colorful items, but most were displaying the current style, which fortunately she doesn't follow.

I thought that I would follow in the footsteps (well, mousetracks) of Bossy and test my ability to use Photoshop for something other than adjusting camera image size prior to posting (I don’t think any of you want me to post the 20”x24” things my camera puts out.

Here is my impression of the current female fashion trend.

Sorry for the all black, I am still learning of the ability of Photoshop to manipulate colors. Hey, don’t laugh too loudly, circles and straight lines are still stressing this programmer’s artistic abilities.

But the color scheme, as it was when this show was here in February, is black and white. Black pants and white top, or just black over black. The second overall theme is the one that Paris and Nicole follow, and that is called skinny. Yes, if you weigh over eighty pounds then you are overweight. You should preferably also be about six feet tall as well. The above is a back view (or front).

The trend is black pants with the legs so thin they almost look painted on, so the impression is of a stick sitting on top of two thinner sticks. You could alternately wear a skirt or shorts so short that the rear silhouette is still about the same - no material extending below what some of you call your girly bits, but still tight to the body. I have no idea how these young ladies sit down, but I kept hanging around the lounge area that was filled with chairs hoping to find out. Mainly because there were lingerie booths scattered about showing the latest style of those items, filled with nothing but strings sometimes topped with a butterfly or little heart. Hey, I'm willing to spend a little time standing around investigating, so as to keep you all informed.

The shorts can have a little cuff rolled up, but I don’t see how there was enough material in the legs to permit anything to be rolled up. Curves are not allowed. An alternate to the thin pant legs all the way down is to have a little bit of a bell bottom on the ends. But still the portion above the knee must be tight to the leg. I don't see how they pull these things on unless their ankles pivot somehow to permit a foot to be inserted down those small cylinders of material. Denim is still the preferred material for pants shorts or skirts. Usually black but denim blue also permitted.

From the side the image is a little different, as you don’t get to see two legs.

And there are some curves permitted here. Mainly I assume by the surgical implant procedure; at least I don’t see how these skinny sticks of women would have not an ounce of soft area anywhere but up there without it being inserted by those surgeons that advertise. On the bottom are skinny shoes with heels - usually about five inch tall spikes.

I think there were some guys walking around the show too, but I'm not sure. Wasn't paying attention in that direction. Unfortunately no fashion models this time, not counting the endless stream of attendees. But there was one big booth with models - it was for men's underwear, some new undershorts with little legs (longer than the outer shorts the girls were wearing) that I guess are supposed to replace briefs or something. Looking at the ones on display indicated that the fronts seemed to be padded for some reason, probably for protection from baseballs or knees or whatever might come flying by. There were big hunky guys walking around wearing them, eye candy for the girls but it seems the male models were paying more attention to each other than the girls trying to examine the clothing. At least I think the girls were looking at the clothing, at least the padded parts.

I knew some of you would be interested in keeping up with the latest style. Though I assume that by the time this show returns next February it might be different. We’ll see. In two weeks we have the big bridal show back, for those girls successful in attracting someone via the above clothing styles.

Since I haven’t put up a motivational poster in a while we might as well go with one that seemed somewhat appropriate.

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