Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Three things

Three thilngs for Clare.

1. All of the activity when a show is going on. I work at an expo/convention center, which periodically hosts large activities. Today is a home furnishing expo; attendees are people with furniture shows or designers, here to see the latest and greatest offerings of suppliers. It takes up three halls upstairs, most of the show is in the Market Center downtown, but still we expect 60,000 people to wander over this way this week. This means the back halls are filled with food servers and housekeeping and electrical and hundreds of people that aren’t usually here pushing carts and food racks and riding little electrical carts around.
2. The difference between the upstairs hall, full of lights and booths and people and blinking signs and noise and the downstairs hall, which is not being used for this show, where it is dark and cool and quiet, with just footsteps echoing back from the concrete.
3. The quiet between shows, when the halls are empty and all the temp workers gone, and we can to background work instead of taking care of emergencies.

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