Monday, August 27, 2007

Fashion shows

This week we have several big fashion shows filling our halls. These come twice a year, the last time was in February, the first big show after I started working here at the big convention place. Downstairs is one that can best be described as Kmart meets Target. It’s full of things that are not fancy but can be quite sparkly and pretty. Upstairs is fancy, aimed more at what used to be called the punk crowd. There are big white and crystal balls hanging from the ceiling, and no carpet as bare concrete is more ‘cool’.

Downstairs, with the lower ceilings and two thousand little ten by ten booths is a maze of color. Upstairs with the high ceilings and larger spaces is all black and white, because black and white are cool. (or whatever the current word of the moment is to describe things that are ‘in’). Over in a smaller section upstairs is an accessories show, filled with bags and glittery stuff. And in the big hotel next door ballroom is a lingerie show, with live models and all (have to see if we can get in that one).

Upstairs is so cool that they have entertainment. We are all looking forward to it down here in the working bowels of the building. At eleven it’s the Shaolin Monks Kung Foo Demonstration. For those of you old enough to see reruns, back before he learned the five finger whatever it was on Kill Bill David Carradine was a Shaolin monk that wandered the American west, fighting for good using his special Kung Fu techniques. I don’t know if the guys upstairs will be walking on rice paper, but it’s interesting to know that there really are Shaolin monks that know Kung Fu. Wonder if they’ve ever seen the TV show, or if they are tired of all the comparisons.

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