Monday, November 02, 2009

monday videos - Internet birthday

Last week the computer community celebrated the 40th anniversary of the internet. The first access was not a very exciting event, just someone on a computer in California saying hello to a computer in Chicago, but it was two computers talking across many miles. I was working on the Arpanet - the government's defense department network linking universities and defense sites - before the internet came into general play (no, not 40 years ago), and our computer group in San Diego was the first one to test new features of America Online. In honor of that anniversary let us look back at a few video moments; though You Tube was not part of the original text based Internet as video transmission came along a lot later.

First, one of the most viewed videos was Gary's Numa Numa, which probably has led to more people making fools of themselves on a video than anything else. Though he does look like he is having fun

I had never researched the song he was singing, but a while back Kevin pointed out that the original is Romanian by the group O-Zone

My New Zealand radio station Zed FM pointed to a compilation of 100 of the most viewed YouTube videos. See how many of them you recognize

Click on the box to go visit YT, the extended write-up lists most of the clips.

But here are two of my favorite videos, this one you have to watch to appreciate (sorry, no embedded link) Kylie Come into My World, and of course Ernie and a tub full of pals doin' the Rubber Duck duck

What are your fav YouTube moments?

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