Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Twin Creeks

Periodically we get out of the house and hit one of the casinos or nicer restaurants around town. Las Vegas is filled with fancy restaurants; unfortunately most of them are rather expensive. I am usually hesitant about spending that much money for something that I’ll just flush the next day, but every once in a while I really like going out. Our favorite place for steaks is Fleming’s, a national chain that has an outlet not far from my house. The atmosphere is nice and the food is pretty good and consistent, the staff is very friendly and we really like it.

But at times we do go elsewhere, and recently the Silverton Casino had a special offer - two for one meals at all their in house restaurants for locals with a players club card. We hadn’t been to the Twin Creeks steakhouse for a while and figured it was worth a return. It provides fair quality food at about the lowest prices in town; a full steak dinner with salad, desert and sides is usually under $25. At half price it was getting down pretty low.

The Silverton is not located on the Strip or downtown but far south on I-15. It was the first casino you drove past coming in from LA but now the new M resort has taken over the extreme southern position, not counting the casinos at Jean or Stateline which aren’t really Vegas. They recently had a makeover, with a realignment of some local roads and construction of a big parking garage. The Silverton used to be all country, with logs and wood and the Nevada site of the Bass Pro Shop full of boats and sporting stuff, but now they have gone a little more upscale.

There is a new food court with some of the ‘standard’ fast food places in addition to the in house restaurants. We’ve never tried their buffet, just hitting the steak house. They cater to locals, and it seems that every time we’ve been down there they were giving away a piece of crockery or some other home item (like Sham-Wows) for accumulating players club points to a lot of old people. It’s a lot different than the Strip casinos. They also have a huge salt water fish tank near the front of the Bass shop, and it is entertaining just to stand and watch the fish. They also periodically have mermaid shows, and the divers jump in to feed the fish by hand, insuring everybody gets the proper diet and amount.

The tank is about six meters high and probably twenty meters across, and just full of big fish, sharks and rays swimming around and around.

In addition to fancying up the casino the Twin Creeks steak house has changed from a country place with log furniture and wooden walls to a fairly upscale place. The lights were a little dim, but the d├ęcor had a full makeover, resulting in something that was nowhere similar to what it was before.

We spent a nice few hours, had a pleasant drive down, a nice time watching the fish and divers, wandered the new casino and had a great meal. All for joining the player’s club - our first in town, just to get the low prices, and ended up having steak dinners for two with wine and a resulting bill of under $30 total for the both of us. Not bad, and the food quality has not decreased at all. The steaks are a little dull, and are greatly enhanced by ordering one of their special sauces (only $2 or so) but are just fine, providing a nice night. A warning if you go - on weekends be sure to call for reservations, the wait can be up to two hours if you just drop in. During the week we have not had any problems, and with the lower tourist numbers in town the place was fairly empty when we sat down, and only rose to about 2/3 occupancy when we left.

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