Friday, October 23, 2009

Around town

I realized that I haven’t done a Vegas post recently - sorry, I know you are all dying to learn what’s happening around town. (yea, right) Well, this weekend we host the U2 tour - supposed to be a terrific stage show (120 semi trucks to move), with them doing something even larger and more spectacular for Vegas. I hear that Nancy at F&P will be attending, so look for a big review there next week, Bill Clinton is also supposedly in town for the concert. Also Alice Cooper will be at the Orleans, for you C&W fans Faith Hill at the over 50’s convention at the Sands (see what I’d get to view if I was still there?) and her hubby Tim McGraw also in town as well. Garth Brooks will soon be a regular at the Wynn (opening Dec 11), but before he gets there Regis & Kelly will be taping there show at the same theatre. Also this weekend: Rob Thomas, Peaches, LeAnn Rimes (here for three weeks), Chaz Palminteri in A Bronx Tale (supposedly pretty good), Stone Temple Pilots, Everlast, Rob Thomas and for you old dancers the Village People.

For those of you that haven’t been here for a while, here is what the Wynn looks like from across the street, in front of my former employer

Impressive building to have your name on, isn’t it? Turning the camera westward we see the fancy shops located inside of the Wynn, and across the street the big Cloud in front of the Fashion Show Mall with the gold Trump tower behind. Think I’d rather have my name on the first one.

And if you are thinking about coming to town, we always liked staying at the Luxor before we moved here, the entrance to the pyramid is about the most impressive hotel entrance you will ever see. Rates are pretty good

And for DM - sorry, yes, it is E Friday, almost forgot

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