Monday, September 08, 2008

Video Monday - classy women

I was having a discussion (electronic of course) with somebody about what constitutes a ‘classy’ woman (to me at least). There are several women that I think of as being classy; unfortunately most of them come from past movie days, and not inside of my life. I think of class as more of an attitude, being comfortable with yourself and presenting yourself as comfortable and pleasant. Yes, the way you look has something to do with it, but it is more the way you act. But also if you are acting like that then you will probably look like that as well. Not to say that you can’t be classy dressed in jeans, but they probably will not be greasy torn jeans but ones that are pressed with sharp creases. It’s also the way she talks – I can’t picture Grace swearing at anything.

The first woman I think of is Grace Kelly. Her role in Rear Window is one that first comes to mind, but she acted the same way in all of her movies. Since it isn’t a musical there aren’t many clips around, but here is a short one:

I think its Christen Dior.

The next name that comes to mind is Catherine Deneuve. She always looked classy. I think she became better as she got older. The movie she looked best in was The Hunger, a vampire movie that didn’t make it to number one. Then again, it might be the accent as well. Another non-musical, so not many clips, but here she is with Susan Sarandon. Comparing the two of them together, Catherine just seems far classier.

Not much of Catherine there, but it’s the concept perhaps. And I did like the movie; it’s one I purchased back on big video disks before DVDs came out. I just don’t like the way things ended up.

OK, enough of beautiful women. (well, I can never have enough of beautiful women, but, well, for this post that’s it). Here is something brought to mind by Rob, a video I have been hearing about on PBS radio. Just a little rap, with some big words and things you can then go look up (if interested). Perhaps Payton can become distracted from his sharks and move into a little different world. It's the Cern supercolider that's in the news recently.

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