Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More politics - Keith

Oh, I was trying to stay away from politics; I try to direct myself towards light entertainment here, as I find there are too many places where you are directed towards bad attitudes. Unfortunately at home my wife is always listening to news on television, and leans (well, not so much lean as run in that direction) towards the television shows that support the Democrats. I try to avoid the politics, it’s sickening to me how people don’t think the same way that I do, and usually go sit at my computer in the office or find some work to do outside, which is challenging in Las Vegas in the summertime, but she usually calls me in to watch something she finds particularly interesting. Keith Obermann has a show on msnbc which is usually on when I come home, and I do stop to listen to his little editorial comments that are presented periodically.

Somebody new left a comment on my pirates post, Anna F from England came by, (Hi Anna, don't know how you got here, but thanks for coming!) so I thought in return I would go look at what she was writing. I usually do that, wander over to see what commenters have to say themselves, and add them to my ‘go back’ list if I like their style. Unfortunately my list is now so large I don’t usually have the time to visit everyone as often as I would like to. Anyway, she had a post about American politics which I really liked (go read for yourself) and as part of that post she had a clip from one of Obermann’s editorials. You might not be a Democrat, but just listen; he writes very well, puts things together, and has a tremendous presentation:

OK, enough politics for today. Sorry about that, soon back to our regular programming.

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