Friday, June 15, 2007

E Friday

OK, back to VG’s E Friday posts. As with most grandparents (wait a minute, I still don’t feel old enough to be saying that word) we think of our E as the cutest kid in the world. I have to say that; I think it’s in the Grandparents Manual, but I haven’t been able to find my copy. But it doesn’t need to be in the manual to think it.

We’ve got an old red truck parked out back; it’s used periodically to haul plywood and heavy stuff from Home Depot. But E likes to climb into it and drive, B got her started on this and it became a favored activity as she cruised the yard every day.

It looks like she’s telling off some stupid driver that just cut her off. I think her mom is teaching her all of those words to use on other drivers, not intentionally of course, but just through her being there in the car seat in back.

So E is up in Portland now, still being herself. When grammy drove up there she stayed for a few weeks and took some pictures of that green landscape. E was getting used to her new home and new carpet, but evidently she still can get into her favorite position:

When you are young it must be interesting to see the world from a different angle.

This is what her new back yard looks like:

Not much grass, and lots of rain, but at least she has a park just a block away. And look, sometimes the sun actually shines up there, with the popular zip lock bag of cheerio snacks on hand

B would pull her in the wagon down to the park, and at the back was a view of the river. They both would sit and just look at the birds going by and the trains down below.

Does look nice and green, doesn’t it?

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