Monday, January 22, 2007

New job

Well, today I started something new. After two years with the bank I am no longer with the bank. Living in Vegas, I guess you can say I moved over to “the dark side”. I can’t tell you where I work, but here is one of the main entrances – looks a lot prettier than the old tilt-up warehouse type bank building.

Actually, I don’t work there – I work in the basement here. But they are both owned by the same company so it’s almost the same (but not quite). I do get to walk around the canals at lunch break, as the buildings are connected together.

I support the web site used to take orders for booth space and tables and internet access and stuff (almost 5,000 different items in the order list). And the programs that accounting uses to collect money for all the above. Only one other programmer and myself, but lots of network installers and internet guys that support the in-for-a-week installs and removals.

Here’s a quick quiz for you – these are shots of two hallways that are pretty close together, can you pick out which of these is the hallway the public sees, and which hallway the back of the house employees work in?

Hint – you can see the ‘information technology’ sign out in front of our door.

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