Friday, January 19, 2007

E Friday again

Christmas is over – if you remember, this is what the Bellagio conservatory looked like a few weeks ago.

We took E there, she liked the big carnation bears.

But I took Anna to look at it when she was out, and this is all that she got to see

The workmen just pulling it apart. Oh well, at least she can see the pics here if not in person.

Back to E Friday –
We’re doing some front courtyard work, and she likes to wander around looking at things. Putting in a new fountain, and she really enjoyed the water spouting up.

While taking her to the Bellagio back before Christmas we stopped at the King (don’t tell her mom). She had some of a burger, but liked the fries, and the strawberry flavored applesauce.

And she really likes granddad pushing her high on the swing.

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