Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ok, so it's hot.

Another record yesterday - 117 (well, tied the LV all time high) and the low was 95. Yes, yes, I said before, it's a dry heat - but at 7:40 it's already 94, and humidity up to 28%. Usually it's 7% humidity, and all you feel is the sweat (sorry, perspiration) flying off you. But yesterday was a little much.

Went to see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory last night - at the Imax at the Palms. Here all (well, most) of the movie theatres are in casinos. My first time at an Imax, not much bigger than the regular screens (well, OK, taller). One suggestion - if you ever go, sit far (that's FAR) back. These places have the entrances on the side, about at the middle of most theatres - the Palms has 15 screens. We came in the entrance and it was dark - movie hadn't started yet, but they do not keep this one well lit at all. Couldn't see much, just rows rising off to our right, but rather than climb up we just walked forward and sat down.

Most of the cinemas here are now of the 'stadium seating' variety. Nice high back seats, no head right in front of you. We did see a row of seats in front of us, but then couldn't see anything beyond. After the movie started we found we were in the second row, looking right up Johnny's nose. Liked him in Pirates, as in Edward S. he was a little strange in this one. But we both gave a thumbs up. Different than Gene Wilder's Willy, like a different movie. Loved the Umpha Loompas. Nice computer work. But like Tim Burton's other works (Nightmare before Christmas, etc.) it is an adult picture not a children's movie. Willy Wonka was for kids, but not this version.

Got out of the movie and walked around the Palms, haven't been there in a while. Been seeing movies at the Orleans or Texas Station. Had dinner once at the N9ne Steak House (yes, spelled N9ne). Expensive - but OK. Reading the local paper gossip column they always talk about the movie people being seen at N9ne. The owners of the Palms also own the big basketball team in California - so they have lots of actor friends come by. It's also the favored place of Playboy, having assorted photo shoots and models and Hugh over often. Pam Anderson and Al Pacino this weekend, supposedly Pam was proposed to but denies it. Well, lots of gossip here. The Palms is following the lead of may places here and building a new condo tower - Don't know how long it will take to build, but as in Vegas probably only a few months. They redid the food court (most casinos have a food court, like the malls) and moved things around to squeeze in two poker rooms, the latest fad since it's making it so big on tv and the internet.

We had a groundbreaking a few days ago for Donald Trumph's new condo tower - spaces from $600,000 to $5 mill. And he's only 70% sold out before even starting construction. As is the Palms, and most other new big projects. And these are not primary homes, but down the list for vacation spots. $$$$$ someplace. Some football team wants to buy a whole floor at Trumph's. That's 21 suites at whatever. But he already said he doesn't want a frat house atmosphere, so those guys better keep it down.

And thanks to Miranda, I had to go try:
This site is certified 35% EVIL by the Gematriculator
(I like the evil better than the good). Guess I better up the dirty word count and get a better score. -

Wow - after I posted this one I jumped from 27 to 31 - had to redo the link. Better score just by linking to them? Now up to 33. - wow - the more I change it the better score I get! Started at 27%, now up to 35% - keep it up, Joe.

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