Tuesday, July 05, 2005

End of Spring

Last weekend (June 25) we caught the last of the free jazz concerts in the park. Held behind the Clark County office complex, four or five free concerts in the spring. The evenings were gorgeous - warm with a little breeze, nice on the grass. Just sit and have a picnic, drink wine or whatever, and listen to music.
Last concert was a big band.

Started at sunset, around 8, finished about 10 in the dark. You can see the top of the Stratosphere over to the right.

Watching the tourist helicopters go by over the strip, seeing the rides on top of the stratosphere, really nice way to spend an evening.
Oh - can't avoid the grandkid fix -

Up to 11 pounds, out of the infant diapers into size 1. What is it, eight weeks old?

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