Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Water from the sky again!

There is water falling from the sky again!! I think I remember this, and hope it's not that drunk up on the roof recycling his beer again.
Cooled off a lot - down to 94, but still only 14% humidity. And it's raining. Unlike the east coast 120% humidity and no rain, just sweat (sorry, perspiration). says the average rainfall for LV in June is 0.08 inches. Sounds like a heavy sweat (sorry again, perspiration). Our wettest month is February, with a whole 0.69 inches average FOR THE MONTH. But that's why I am here and not in Seattle.
Let me digress into my rain story (OK, one of my rain stories). We went on an Alaska cruise many years ago. One stop was in Ketchican. Supposedly the place with the most rain in North America - their big sign boasted 220 inches average a year. Compared to our 0.08 for this month, that does sound like more. No decimal points there. Anyway, we happened to stop the day of the annual blueberry festival. Usually held in the garage under town hall. Ketchican isn't very big, and everybody in town fits down there at the same time. I think the cruise ship more than doubled the number of bodies in town that day. But the sun was shining, so they moved everything outside. We were talking to the guy that worked at the cemetary. He said it was the second day in a row that the sun was visible. Nobody living there could remember two days in a row of sunshine. And this guy, as well as most of the locals, was bright red from the sunburn. And he was thrilled about it - never been sunburned before. And of course, because there is usually no sun, no lotion anywhere in town. Lots of fungus cream, but no sunburn lotion.
Lots of lotion here in Vegas.

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