Monday, March 07, 2005

Road trip -Shosone

We went of to Shoshone last weekend – doesn’t sound familiar? It’s the entrance to Death Valley – just an hour drive from LV. We went down for the crepes – our son in law heard a radio show about the place, and visited once before. It was a nice warm drive, good food at the end, a walk around the desert and down to a date grove for some cookies. Shoshone and Death Valley are in California, not Nevada, so we did get to travel out of state.
Here we are driving out – the locals would say ‘see how green everything is?

But coming from New York I don’t think that would be my first thought.
There were a lot of mines in the area, and a hundred years ago not many trees for building houses. Some of the miners dug themselves small living spaces in the cliffs near town.
. Not very big, but they were dry, and a little view.
This is from the front door (well, one room, so only one door)

The clump of trees down the middle is Shosone. Population 46.
About twenty minutes north we stopped at a date grove – down in a small canyon that is really hidden. The restaurant owner directed us, and we would not have found it otherwise. You can still get out by yourself even now. We wandered around, bought some dates and some cookies, then headed back.

And then driving home at sunset, straight ahead were the snow covered mountains to the north.

And that same straight road.

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