Sunday, March 27, 2005

New rides

The Stratosphere has opened another ride up on the roof - who would have thought that you could find a freeking amusement park 1000 feet up in the air above the Strip (I think that's 300 meters for the American impared).

It's called Insanity. You get strapped into a little chair thingey stuck on a finger of a giant hand, along with a few other people on other fingers. This hand then swings out over the edge of the tower, and starts to spin. You end up looking almost straight down to the strip - I wonder how diluted the puke is before it hits the ground? Just don't look up if you are underneath. This is along with their roller coaster, teter toter, and big vertical shot.
You can see videos of them all here, Stratosphere rides.
And Steve Wynn is ready to open his new place next month. He's been bragging about the $2.7 billion project (that's $2.700.000.000. - about half that in Euros, thanks W). Cost more than any other project in the world. Eighteen restaurants, big rooms, lots of gambling, and before it even opens he is planning a new $500,000,000 resort on the same site. Boy, wish I had those dreams, let alone that kind of money. No rides on the roof, though.

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