Thursday, October 07, 2004

Say goodbye

I've been reading the papers and seeing the news and looking at web sites this week and thought that it was time to say goodbye to a few people. Not all are gone forever (hopefully) but some will not return, and others will be with us a long time in memories.
My first career was going to be photography. I majored in Photo Illustration in college, and thus appreciate fine camera work. One of the finest people photographers is Richard Avedon.

Richard was the first staff photographer for one of my favorite magazines, the New Yorker. Until Richard the NY used drawings. He specialized in people. He has taken photos of many famous and not famous people over the years, and he will be missed. One of my favorite photos that he took is of the actor Kevin Klein, getting in costume for his roll as FalStaff, for the New Yorker.

Another famous people photographer is Russ Meyers.

Russ was one of Playboy's first centerfold photographers back in the 50's, but is best known for his 'cult' movies, which specialized in women with very very large breasts. The Internet Movie Database lists over twenty five movies he directed, starting back with The Immoral Mr. Teas through Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. One of his well known actresses was Kitten Natividad

who was in the film 'Beyond the Valley of the Ultra Vixens", and the 72HHH star Pandora Peaks, as you can see well named. Not many shots of her covered up available but LOTS of her without clothes. I still don't see how she can stand up without falling on her face.

Rounding out the men that have left us is Rodney Dangerfield.

A well known comedian that didn't get no respect, but I enjoyed his humor as he did not make fun of others but concentrated on himself. Rodney was popular in Vegas - lots of stories in the columns about him today. Seen many times around the MGM in his pajamas - I guess he liked to be comfortable.
And we also lost a famous woman,

not her best image, appearing in quite a few movies but best known for the noisy shower scene in Psycho, Janet Leigh. Married to Tony Curtis for a while, mother of Jamie Lee Curtis. Here are Janet and Jamie together.

also well known for a topless scene, not in a Russ Meyers movie but in Trading Places with Dan Aykroyd, at least in the movie version but covered up in the TV version. Tony Curtis is a Vegas resident, and active in the charitable scene around town.

That's it for people, but I am also mourning the loss of two web sites that I liked to read daily, and used to have links for over on the right -
Off to do a book, is Belle de Jour. A London Lady, Belle never the less was very good at her writing style and covered a topic that I am not familiar with.

Another lost blog is Above Average Jo,

Known for her fairies, I dropped her link after she changed names due to some comments left by uncaring others, but kept reading her new site which is now again closed due to more commenting. Sad to see you go Jo.

So that's by list of goodbye's for today. Looking at it like this, it sure is a ramble of different ideas. Sorry there are no shots of Las Vegas this time. But goodbye to all of these, and many others I left out.

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