Friday, October 22, 2004

Going to Goa

Annie just told us that she is going to Goa for a few weeks, and will ‘see us in November’. Thought of something there – wait – that was ‘See you in September’ going through my head. Wrong month, sounded the same, so I’ll sing along correctly now, thank you. Which brings up another song title – did you ever have a song going through your head, and for the life of you (what kind of phrase is that?) you couldn’t remember the title, or that one chorus in the middle? The one that always got me was the Three Dog Night song that started with ‘somebody was a bullfrog, he was a good friend of mine’. I’d go for hours trying to remember the name of that damn frog. Sticking random names in, finding nothing that fit. Really caused a brain melt for a while. (no, I’m not going to tell you, figure it out for yourselves). I guess that shows my age, Three Dog Night for dog’s sake (guys, you’ve got me doing it). I remember riding with our daughter in the car many years ago (back when she was teenager) listening to Simon & Garfunkle on the radio, and she called it ‘old fogy music’. Made me feel like an old fart (no Schmo, not that kind, but the windows were up).
Anyway, back to Goa. Made me wonder where the heck Goa was. Annie’s from London, so I tried to figure out where they go for vacations. Our friends in Sweden hit the south of Spain. Lie on the beach, get burned. But the British don’t seem to like most of Europe, took a long time to agree to the Chunnel. Greece is the destination of choice for most of the British I know. Poirot even went to Mesopotamia and Cypress; he is Belgian, but lived in London. With Google on my desk there was a quick way to find out, and Goa just popped up. West coast of India – looks really nice. And India was a British colony, so it makes sense there. Looks like a nice place, but India has not been high on my list of destinations. I’ll hit an Indian restaurant periodically, mostly (well OK, only) when our daughter drags us out. Lots of vegetarian stuff at Indian restaurants, and her being in a anti meat phase sends her looking for places unlike the Sizzler.
Sitting at work writing this, I’m usually the first one in the office. I had to leave early yesterday for a doctor’s appointment. Brett just came in and told me that I really missed an interesting meeting yesterday. Eric, one of the owners (I described a past phone call from Eric a while back – how do you guys link back like you do, can’t figure it out) called a group meeting. All of the computer guys figured we were going to be hit again. It ended up being a meeting with all of the managers and supervisors from the call floors as well, about a hundred people. Eric proceeded to talk about all of his money, his Lamborghini, his Bentley, his $80,000 watch, and how he had lots of money. He went on to say that productivity was down, conversions were down, and people were not working as hard as they should. Billing was down 20%, and we had two weeks to bust butts and if we were not back up to speed by then he would close the company down and just rent out the building. He didn’t need all of the headaches involved. As he left the room somebody closed their notebook (some people brought notebooks, thinking they would need to take notes on whatever he was about to tell us what to do), and Ben, our president, said ‘don’t leave yet, I have a few things to add. This caused Eric to turn around and say ‘see, can’t wait to leave, can’t sit for a few minutes, well, (to Ben) you should just fire a few to show how serious I am’. After Eric left Ben proceeded to say how serious Eric was, and we better get moving or in two weeks we would all be moving.
Things like that are worth videotaping. That phone conversation should have been recorded. Two items to go into my hall of good job memories, and I had to miss one. Oh well, I guess in a few weeks I’ll probably hear another good talk. Unless we come in to find the doors locked and guards on the building. Had that happen to us when I worked at Xerox, 4,000 people locked out and told to go home, we’ll be contacted. No speech, though.

So, here is another post without pictures. I was disturbed about not posting very often, realizing how I look forward to hitting the blogs I like to go to (listed to the right) every day, and really feeling good when a new post was up. The list is changing, as people drop out, and I find new ones. I emailed myself at work the link to Blogspot on how to post that I use at home, but did not email the ftp address and password where I put my photos, so I can’t upload any pictures. It’s OK to type things here, still looks like work, but I couldn’t get away with editing pictures, too obvious that it wasn’t work related.
So I better at least put in some links for you guys. Here is one I came across quite a while back, but the posting site stopped showing it because of all the people hitting them. It’s an example of why you should not put your picture on the internet. I hope this one stays up. For those of you that like to make images in your mind instead of looking at pictures here is an unusual story, gotten to from the Lioness.
That’s it for now – better do some work so Eric doesn’t can us earlier.

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