Monday, September 17, 2007

Video Monday - for the girls

I was going to continue on in the semi classy vein, even though so few of you comment when I go in that direction, but due to some comments by Deana let’s go with some old music. It is kind of catchy though.

He does have nice muscles. Oooo – how about another sexy boy, back from before he was known to inhabit those places politicians are coming to be known for. 1984, wow, was it really that long ago? After the short shorts period and before the cross earings and three day old beard.

OK, as long as we are doing sexy guys, let’s continue on in that vein and bring on Elijah Wood dancing. I haven’t seen this show, but Yo! Gabba Gabba seems a poor substitute for the Muppets. This one is courtesy of Megan. OK, I know this song doesn’t have much of a sing along beat, but go ahead and dance if you want to.

Sorry Twat, maybe we'll have some sexy girls next week.

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