Monday, September 10, 2007

Video Monday - Catherine D

I know that I have been following the Twat’s lead on Kylie and skinny girls lately, but that’s just a periodic infatuation. I really go for the older, classy women. My all time favorite is Catherine Deneuve.

She first came to be noticed in Umbrellas of Cherbourg, 1964. Or should I properly say Les Parapluies de Cherbourg.

Not a very good clip of her, but all I could find from that movie. She was cute, but I really liked her older, and I'm a sucker for the French accent (though as an American the UK provides some nice accents too). I think she looked her best twenty years later in the Hunger, 1983. The movie was a little strange, but it had a really nice atmosphere. Not a musical, so nothing to sing along to, and not very many nice short clips. Also in the movie was Susan Sarandon.

Also staring was Davie Bowie, for those of you that would rather see him than Susan here is a longer clip, but with his shower scene.

Back to music – the music in Umbrellas was written by Michele Legrand, who created a great many songs that seem to stick in your head, leaving you humming along or singing however many of the words you remember. Rob and Udge call them Earworms. I couldn’t find a clip with good sound, but here is Liza (with a Z) singing the same song in English. Turn up the volume and sing along. Dramatic, but I kind of like the original quiet version a little better.

One of my most memorable Legrand songs came in the Thomas Crown Affair. (the older Steve McQueen/Fay Dunaway one, not the remake). I don't think I've played chess since seeing how Faye plays the game. You can stop it after the plane lands and the song is over.

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