Thursday, September 06, 2007


The bridal show is in full swing upstairs today. Again, they don’t let us take cameras up there – guess it’s too easy to steal designs. This is the same one that was here back in February. Back then sparkles were popular, those are the little crystals stuck all over to make the gowns sparkle. I didn’t see much of that yesterday when I walked around, perhaps it’s for Spring weddings and this show is more for winter weddings. The primary color is again an ivory rather than bright white and the emphasis is on yards and yards of gathered silk instead of the appliqués.

The show is here for four days, and again it provides some employment for several dozen skinny girls; I’d estimate around 60 girls standing around showing off the clothes, most rather attractive even if thin. Almost every booth had several models standing around wearing the latest offerings. The larger booths have raised runways where a half dozen girls walk before the buyers. And something new this time – in addition to all of the size 0 girls I saw two that were probably a size 10. I was really surprised when the curtains opened at one booth and a larger girl walked out – this wasn’t one of the wedding dress booths but it was filled with the colored dresses more appropriate for proms, or even for bridesmaids if the bride went for quieter dresses but still bright colors.

It is interesting to wander around the wide variety of shows. A few weeks ago we had several clothing shows here; downstairs was the lower priced goods and three of the larger halls upstairs held fancier trendy stuff, while one hall had accessories and the big hotel next door hosted shoes and lingerie and swimwear. No, don’t know if Kylie came buy to ride a bull, but Nicole Hilton was in our upstairs hall pushing her clothing line. And we did get to see the kung fu Shaolin monks.

Just before that was furniture. Following the same pattern, fancy stuff upstairs and lower priced stuff downstairs. At the entrance upstairs they filled the front lobby with hanging things to welcome people.

Inside the color of choice was grey. The walkways were grey carpet and the booths were usually white. As at most shows a standard carpet was provided as part of the base cost but companies could opt to pay for slightly different colors to make their booths stand out.

The drapes dividing the booths were black. The basic booth pattern is a ten foot by ten foot square, with bigger companies purchasing multiple smaller ones.

Down the center aisle in back the carpet changed to white and white panels were hung from the ceiling.

I was not impressed with the furniture. There seemed to be a choice between heavy wooden style and modern European white and plastic. I did get a guest pass for B to come by, and she enjoyed the day just poking around. Almost all of the big shows are closed to the public, with only people from ‘the trade’ invited. I say invited, but that means invited to buy tickets and attend. I know the exhibitors pay a bunch for their booths and supporting stuff, but the attendees also usually pay quite a hefty fee to get in. But if that is your industry then I guess you have to be part of it.

One booth that I did like was filled with sparkly bits. Guess you can tell that I really like things that shine or sparkle or stand out. You couldn’t tell from my house – no Liberace styled items there, but I just like looking at it. This booth had mirrors and picture frames and candlesticks and chandeliers covered with crystals. They had small revolving lights scattered around that made the whole booth just sparkle and glow.

Sorry I couldn’t capture the full affect on camera, but it was impressive to walk by and be dazzled.

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