Thursday, September 13, 2007

Three Fall things

I’ve been talking about our descent into Fall weather. Yesterday morning when I woke up it was only 20c, the coolest it has been in months. But when I got home from work it was back up to a more ‘normal’ 40c. I haven’t had the cover off of the pool for a week, and the water temp is up to 35c, which was like floating in a hot tub last night.

Thanks back to Clare.
1. Floating in the pool at sunset, with the water and air temps both at 95, feeling warm and comfortable while watching a beautiful orange sky with little blinking airplane lights high overhead. There is no wind or breeze, and the tall palm trees along the edge of the pool are not moving at all. Periodically a short burst of wind comes from somewhere making the palm fronds rustle and shake for a few seconds before going back to their motionless silhouettes.
2. Getting the paper this morning, again looking at an orange sunrise (unusual here in the normally dry desert) and listening to the birds wake up, talking to each other about where to go for breakfast.
3. Walking past the canal upstairs in the Big Hotel Next Door at lunch, seeing a new gondolier singing Volare in the style of Elvis: swinging his hips, dancing on the back of the boat and making the boat rock from side to side. The passengers seemed to enjoy it, and he was given a loud ovation from the surrounding crowd of tourists when he finished up.

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