Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday fall weather

It was cool again this morning, but warming up now. I'm home from work today with some kind of flu. Hit the doctor yesterday thinking it was just my allergies but she took a strep throat culture and gave me prescriptions for these big pills. So here I sit with a fuzzy head trying to do useful things that don't take a lot of thinking. No power tools - don't want to chop off a finger or something, so the mantle just waits. Maybe I'll go check out Udge's second life thingie.

Thought I'd share our weather forecast, as I do periodically.

You can see from all of the little suns on the map that we are expecting no rain atall out west.

Coming home from work the other day I drove past these two young gentlemen. If you can't see them too well, they are wearing black pants, short sleeved white shirts, skinny black ties and backpacks. They always travel in pairs and we see a lot of them here in Vegas, and once in a while down in SD.

Yes, that's my neighborhood. No street lights or sidewalks, big lots (half acre minimum), horses allowed (people a block over have some). We don't get any kids around for Halloween, but have lots of people out walking their dogs. Blue skies and palm trees and block walls abound in Vegas. Off in the distance is the Wynn, about three miles due east. If you didn't recognize them the two guys are missionaries for the Church of Je$u$ Chri$t of Latter Day $aints out to save our souls. Back east we used to have people with bibles and the Watchtower coming by for the same reason. I guess there are a lot of people that need saving.

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