Thursday, September 27, 2007

Random Vegas notes

News this past week shows that you can work your way up – the George Clooney motorcycle accident story discussed his girlfriend Sarah who broke her toe in the accident. She was a cocktail server here in Vegas at the Palms when they met. I guess you can come to Vegas and strike it rich.

Also in the local paper today is Norm's column discussing chef Joel Robuchon’s food. His place at the MGM Grand is supposedly the best in town, but a full sixteen course tasting dinner goes for $360 per person (plus the wine). Doesn’t look like I’ll be eating such fancy food in the near (or far) future.

Steve Wynn’s 230 carat diamond will not be staying in Vegas, it will be put on display at his new place in Macau. My top level boss Sheldon Adelson is hosting our illustrious VP Dick Cheney at his home today for a Republican fund raiser, it only costs $250 to be at his house, additional funds required if you want pictures. I would just like to see what the home of the sixth richest person in the world is like, I’ve read about Bill Gate’s house.

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