Thursday, September 20, 2007

Three things in the Fall

Three things for Clare:
1. You can tell Fall is here by the sunlight – it’s too dark outside in the morning for me to sit and read my paper before work. I sit inside at the kitchen table with the doors open and can still enjoy the sound of the fountain outside and the birds waking up.
2. The change of seasons is also noted by the temperature changes. Just last week it was over 100 every day, and this week everything has dropped twenty degrees. It was only 60 when I awoke today, but it still will warm up to 85 or so in the afternoon. I had to roll up my car windows driving to work this morning as the wind was just a little too cool.
3. I drive in to work heading due east. Sitting at a traffic light the sun is hidden behind the new Trump tower, and I can look straight ahead without squinting. As the light changes and we drive through the curves over 15 the sun becomes visible and I have to hide behind the visor. Turning the corners to head to the ‘team member’ parking garage the sun is now reflected off of the big golden Wynn, again causing the visor to be dropped down.

PBS was using a quiet guitar background on one story and it took quite a while for me to remember the title, so that I could go off and find it. Reading through the notes referenced I was surprised to find that this song, well, the a capella version, was the first song every distributed on the Internet via MP3 encoding. The German engineer that was developing the MP3 software used Suzanne’s song to test the algorithms.

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