Monday, June 04, 2007

Yes, I did

OK, I couldn't take it any more. I broke the rules and walked through the show. But I walked fast, and just from the back hallway over to the stairs. It's still going on, the fancy jewelry show. I didn’t dare wander up to the tower suites – those are invitation only, or the top two floors of the convention center, that’s invitation only too. Just the plain fancy show. And it is just what I thought it would be – 4,000 shiny sparkly jewelry stores, all crammed together.

You know how you might walk through a shopping mall and come across one of those carts out in the middle with all of the sparkling colorful glass necklaces and bracelets and rings? Well, this is kind of like that, except for bits of colored glass it’s real diamonds and rubies and gold and silver.

Looks like the upcoming (or maybe here now, I’m not up on bling) style is micro-pave and colored diamonds - lots of booths pushing 'chocolate - a pale brown diamond, along with yellow diamonds.

Lots of ads for diamond engagement rings, still with a big stone on the top, but instead of a nice gold or platinum band smaller diamonds are mounted all around the band – the sides and the bottom, so that you get sparkle no matter how it’s looked at.

And wide bracelets (three inches or so) that are flexible, just a net of solid stones. One watch on display (OK, one brand of watches) are all shiny – no metal visible anywhere, all stones. And really really sparkly in the spotlights they use.

And for you world travelers that really need to know the time in different cities, how about six watches in one? (for only sixty thousand dollars or so)

Sorry I can't show how all of it really sparkles.

Overheard snippets as I walk:
White, pink or yellow?
With the ruby or the emerald?
Yes, sixty one thousand. (might have been talking about that watch)

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