Friday, June 29, 2007

E Friday

Well, thanks to VG we’re back to E Friday. She’s back in town visiting for a week so I’m stocking up on my pictures. As you can see, she still sees the world from a different angle.

A few weeks ago I was spending some time with TKW (well, mentally anyway) and she was asking for comments on her other site, where she sells frilly tutus. This is the Decorated Duckling, which as you might notice is another blog page, wherein she is trying to do business off a free blog site instead of getting her own web site (cheap?). Anyway, the stuff looked pretty and I ended up buying some for E (yes, I said for E). I tied one on her the other day and she really seemed to like it.

So much so that she was twirling around the room.

This was a pleasant scene, however her mother was not pleased. This is a feminist mother that will have none of that frilly stuff for her daughter. In complete support of that, I’ve already given E several Barbie dolls.

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